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Your Virtual Design Solution

Discover the ease and innovation of eDesign with Misfit Studio Co. Transform your space through our tailored digital design services, blending your vision with our expertise, all from the comfort of your home. Let's create something beautiful, together, online.


Essentials, Elevated

Signature Style, Personalized

Our Essential Package offers a focused e-design experience, perfect for those who love attention to detail. We'll weave your unique story into every fixture and finish, ensuring each corner of your space beautifully reflects your individuality.

The Signature Package takes your e-design experience to the next level. It's an in-depth journey, merging your unique narrative with our expertise in form and function. Expect comprehensive plans and curated elements that resonate deeply with who you are.


Masterpiece of Design

Our Masterpiece Package is the epitome of comprehensive e-design, ideal for grand residences or commercial spaces. It combines virtual precision with on-site insights to transform any space into a reflection of your vision, infused with our unique design flair.

Interior Decor

Step into a world where every detail is a reflection of you with the Essentials Package from Misfit Studio Co. This package is designed for those who delight in the finer aspects of design, ensuring that every corner of your space sings with individuality. By focusing on the pivotal elements of fixtures and finishes, we craft an e-design experience that not only aligns with your style narrative but elevates it, creating a space that's unmistakably yours.


  • Personalized Virtual Meeting: A deep dive into your space's potential, aligning your needs with your design dreams.

  • Comprehensive Design Overview: A detailed plan featuring a blend of concepts, elements, and color palettes, all tailored to reflect your unique taste.

  • Curated Selections: Expertly chosen finishes, fixtures, and materials that add a signature touch to your design.

  • Source Links and Instructions: Direct links for selected finishes and fixtures, along with detailed guidance to bring your design to fruition confidently.

  • Mood Board Mockup: A visual representation of your vision, showcasing the transformative potential of your space.

Note: This package includes a detailed plan tailored to your style without revisions, ensuring a straightforward path to a space filled with character and charm.

PRICE: $385

Interior Design

Embark on a design journey like no other with the Signature Package, where precision meets personalization. This package elevates your e-design experience, offering a bespoke solution for a single space that seamlessly blends form, function, and your unique story. It's a comprehensive approach to design, ensuring every aspect of your room doesn't just look exceptional but feels inherently right and deeply connected to your essence.


  • Detailed 2D Mock-Up: Providing a bird's-eye view of your transformed space, visualizing the final layout.

  • Expertly Crafted Floor Plan: Ensuring each element is placed for spatial harmony and functional elegance.

  • Structured Project Timeline: A clear guide for your design journey, ensuring efficiency and clarity every step of the way.

  • Exhaustive Concept Overview: A deep dive into the design ethos, perfectly aligning your vision with our expertise.

  • Tailored Furniture and Decor Recommendations: Handpicked pieces that embody the spirit of Misfit Lane while celebrating your personal style.

  • One Revision: To refine and perfect the design, ensuring it aligns precisely with your expectations.

PRICE: $675

Boho Living Room

Embark on an unparalleled design journey with The Masterpiece Package, tailored for those looking to transform multiple rooms or larger spaces into stunning showcases of personalized design. This premier offering combines virtual precision with hands-on expertise, designed to bring your expansive vision to life with an unmatched blend of creativity and Misfit Studio Co.'s distinctive flair. The Masterpiece Package is the ultimate choice for significant transformations, offering a deep dive into bespoke design for those aspiring to create a series of spaces or an entire home that reflects their unique story and lifestyle.


  • Personalized Execution: Customized for virtual or in-person design, perfectly suited for extensive projects across multiple rooms or large areas.

  • Two Design Revisions: Ensuring every aspect of your project aligns with your vision, with the flexibility to refine and perfect.

  • Dedicated Customer Support: Comprehensive support throughout your design journey, addressing every detail and concern.

  • Post-Project Guidance: Expert advice on maintaining the beauty and functionality of your transformed spaces, for lasting enjoyment.


Ready to Transform Your Space?

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