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DIY Outdoor Console Table

The second project we worked on for our outdoor patio was a DIY Outdoor Console Table. We had a console table for the previous patio at Caroline's last house. However, it was too big for the space. We wanted something similar, but on a smaller scale.

With outdoor furniture, we believe that it does not have to be perfect. It is going to get weathered and damaged being outside. Caroline decided not to use pocket holes during this project because of this.

This project consisted of several steps:

  • Cutting the wood

  • Constructing the table

  • Priming the table

  • Painting the table

  • Decorating!

Check out below for all the photos and products we used in this project!

Cutting and Constructing the Console Table

Priming the Console Table

Painting the Table

Decorating the Console Table

Would y'all complete this project by yourself? What is your favorite part of the patio so far?


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