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Exterior Renovation Plan

One of the bigger projects that we are going to tackle at Caroline's house is the exterior. Some of our original plans for this project have changed. After the winter storm that hit Dallas, we had some damage to the yard and she had a lot of plants die.

We decided that the first thing that we wanted to tackle were these problems that have arisen. We will also have two more phases to the project. The three phases we will end up tackling are:

  • Phase 1: Replace all the exterior plants that died in the winter storm and work on the pond

  • Phase 2: Paint the trim, sidings and gutters

  • Phase 3: Lime Wash the Brick

We are currently working on phase 1 of the project. I will be updating y'all as we continue to work on this project. We have been working on this project in conjunction with our backyard patio refresh.

Exterior Currently

After we tackle phase 1 and phase 2, this is what the exterior of the house will look like.

Exterior After Phase 1 and 2

The last part of this project will be lime-washing the brick. We will probably be tackling this project a year from now. We plan on tackling these projects very slowly over the next year or so.

Exterior After Phase 3

Which of these projects are you most excited for? Which of these projects would you most likely tackle yourself?


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