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Outdoor Painted Patio Floor

Guys! I am finally ready to reveal all the details of our latest renovation. A couple weeks ago, we started an outdoor patio refresh. We wanted it to be all done and ready to be enjoyed this summer. Who doesn't love spending countless hours out on your patios, by the pool, or both during the summer months?

The first project that we decided to take on was painting the patio floors. We started with a completely blank slate. There was nothing but concrete on the floors of this patio. We were able to do anything we wanted!

Where We Started

The first thing we did was prime the concrete. Then we used Amazing Grey and Urbane Bronze to paint the floors. Do this we followed a very specific process.

First, we painted two layers of the Urbane Bronze over the entire floor. Once that was dry, we started painting the stencil. Next, we taped the stencil to the floor. We started in the upper left corner and then went left to right.

To paint the stencil, we first used one layer of Urbane Bronze. This was used to seal the stencil. It prevented the Amazing Grey from bleeding as much. Then we used two layers of the Amazing Grey to make the design. Then, I came through with the Urbane Bronze to fix all the mistakes that we made along the way. Lastly, we sealed the patio.

This ended up being a pretty long and labor intensive project. It took us a week and a half working a couple hours a day. All together we worked about 24 hours on this project. Although all of this is true, it was all worth it!

This painting project completely transformed the space. It looks so good! I cannot wait to continue to furnish, decorate, and continue projects in this space over the next few weeks. Check out below to see how the project turned out and see all the products we used!

Finished Painted Concrete Floor

What do you think about this project? Would you tackle this project or something similar?


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