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Outdoor Patio Paint Reveal

Today, I have a very exciting blog post for everyone. If you have been following along on the Instagram, then you have had a sneak peak of the colors we are using for the patio. You also got a sneak peak in the patio plan reveal I showed y'all last night.

We are using 5 main colors throughout this project. For the floors, we are using Urbane Bronze and Amazing Gray for the the stenciled floors. We first painted the floor Urbane Bronze. A couple years ago, we used this color when Caroline redid her old dining room. It is also Sherwin Williams Color of the Year. We used Amazing Gray for the stencil.

On the walls and ceiling, we are using Alabaster white. We wanted to use some color in this project. We did this through the color we used on the doors. For this part of the project we used Clary Sage. Lastly, we used Sea Serpent as an accent color and in some of the furniture. When do we not use blue in our projects? We basically believe it is a neutral color over here.

You can get any of these colors at a local Sherwin Williams Store or get these colors color matched at Home Depot or Lowes. Check out the picture below to see all the paint colors that we chose.

Outdoor Patio Paint Reveal

Which of these are your favorite colors? What do you think of the colors we are using for this project?


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