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Step-In Closet Makeover

Alright guys, I just finished the blog post on the primary bedroom reveal. However, I still have a couple more blog posts that I want to post on the bedroom. The first of these is one on Matt's step-in closet.

We started this project soon after we finished Caroline's closet makeover. Before, this closet had a lack of storage. All this closet had was hanging space.

Matt's Closet Before

When we started this project we had several goals that we wanted to achieve.

  • Add more hanging storage for Matt's clothes

  • Add boxed storage for shoes and other things

  • Add some masculine flair to the closet

The big thing we wanted to accomplish was creating more storage solutions that matched with the rest of the primary bedroom renovation. We did this by adding a shelf above the hanging rods and adding box storage in the middle of the closet. Caroline also decided to add wallpaper behind the boxed storage for some added flair.

Just like in Caroline's closet, we utilized an IKEA Pax System for this closet. It was definitely not as intensive as Caroline's closet renovation, but it still packed a punch. I hope you like this space as much as we do!

Matt's Step-In Closet After

Wasn't this a great transformation???

Lastly, I am going to put all the links for this project below.

What is y'alls favorite part of this project? What are your must needs for your closet?


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