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Transform Your Space, Captivate Your Buyers

Discover our tailored staging services designed to captivate and sell. Whether adding enchanting details, blending style into lived-in spaces, or transforming vacant properties into dream homes, our packages ensure your property stands out. Let's make your home not just seen, but unforgettable, accelerating its journey from listed to sold


Accessorize to Mesmerize

Live and Sell in Harmony

Bring your furnished spaces to life with our Whimsical Touch Package. Perfect for rooms that are just a step away from perfection, we add that final layer of charm and character. With carefully selected accessories that echo the Misfit brand's unique narrative, we invite potential buyers into a space that's not just seen but felt, creating a magical and inviting atmosphere.

Selling your home while living in it becomes an art with our Occupied Oasis Package. We expertly blend Misfit's signature charm into your everyday space, ensuring it shines on the market without intruding on your life. Transform your lived-in home into a market-ready masterpiece, where functionality meets Misfit magic.


Envision the Potential

An empty space is a story waiting to be told. With our Vacant Visionary Package, we turn blank canvases into captivating scenes that entice and engage. By creating immersive experiences that highlight the potential of every room, we help potential buyers envision the future, making your property unforgettable.

Luxury Modern Kitchen

Elevate your furnished space with our Whimsical Touch Package, where we infuse each room with a unique character and charm. This package is perfect for those spaces that are almost there but just need that final, enchanting touch to truly sparkle. Inspired by the mystique of Misfit Studio Co., we handpick accessories that weave a captivating narrative, transforming your space into a haven that invites potential buyers to dream.


  • Curated Accessory Selection: Decorative accents and art pieces, each chosen for their enchanting Misfit charm.

  • Tailored Accessory Choices: Accessories that complement the existing style, adding depth and character.

  • Expert Placement: Strategic positioning of each item to enhance visual appeal and create engaging focal points.

  • Final Accessories Mood Board: A visual guide to the selected accessories, ensuring a cohesive and charming aesthetic.


Luxurious Bathroom

Navigating the sale of your home while it's still your sanctuary can be complex, but it doesn't mean compromising on style. Our Occupied Oasis Package perfectly blends Misfit Studio Co.'s charm with your daily life, ensuring your space is market-ready and beautifully balanced. This package extends the whimsical touch with services specifically designed to enhance your home's appeal without disrupting your routine.


  • In-Depth Lifestyle Consultation: Understanding your daily life to ensure our staging complements your lifestyle.

  • Strategic Re-Arrangement: Optimizing your existing furnishings for a layout that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

  • Misfit Accessory Infusion: Adding select whimsical accessories to inject our signature charm into your space.

  • Maintenance Guidance: Tips on keeping your home show-ready, blending staged beauty with everyday living.

  • Furniture Rental Option: Access to premium furniture rentals to enhance your space's appeal, tailored to fit its design and your needs.


Orange Couch

Transform your empty property into a captivating showcase with our Vacant Visionary Package. Like a blank canvas, an unoccupied space holds endless potential, and this package is designed to realize that potential, creating immersive experiences that draw in potential buyers. Building on the foundation of our Occupied Oasis Package, the Vacant Visionary Package takes staging to new heights with comprehensive, strategic enhancements tailored to make your property stand out.


  • Comprehensive Property Assessment: A detailed evaluation to highlight and leverage the property's unique features.

  • Full-Spectrum Staging: Complete coverage of your space with Misfit's curated furnishings and accessories, ensuring a cohesive and inviting atmosphere throughout.

  • Space Optimization: Thoughtful arrangement that emphasizes each room's functionality and spaciousness, enhancing both aesthetics and practicality.

  • Realtor Collaboration: Working closely with real estate professionals to align our staging with market trends and buyer preferences, ensuring your property is poised for success.


Stage to Impress

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